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Seeing a Counsellor is proactive... so many of my clients question why they waited so long to address their concerns  when they found that counselling can bring effective relief from their concerns and  facilitate measurable personal or professional growth

Need help to achieve your goals in life, recover from life's stresses, fix your relationship or train your staff? I use an array of  research based skills to provide Supervision or Professional Counselling services that can give you the tools for a more effective life and workplace.

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Clinical Supervision Sessions

I am an experienced and Accredited PACFA Supervisor. Please feel free to book an initial session to discuss your clinical supervision needs for Counselling, Chaplaincy, Social Work or other people helping and health. Nursing is now considering external supervision needs of its professional. I also find that workers in  leadership or management roles may find this appointment a safe and confidential place to discuss the challenges of their role where they can pursue personal and professional growth. Consultant external supervision can also help ameliorate the impact of  burnout and stress. Sessions are usually scheduled monthly. Cost: $110

Relationship Counselling Session

I use a couples counselling approach based on Gottman Couple Therapy,  and my experience as a family therapy educator. Couple therapy involves an initial couple appointment, supportive individual assessment appointments and then ongoing couple appointments. You can schedule marriage preparation appointments too. Please allow for 90 minute sessions. Cost: $150 Private Health Insurance  Rebates may apply

Individual Counselling Sessions

This service is a favorite among many of my clients, as it is often one of the keys to a happier, healthier more secure life. My role is to give you the tools and techniques to achieve a workable and fulfilling lifestyle. After several sessions, you can  become well-versed at handling issues. Some clients choose to see me instead of activating a formal mental health plan. Call now to schedule a 60 minute session. Cost: $100 No Medicare rebate but BUPA Extras, Police Health and Emergency Services Private Health rebates apply

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Consultant group supervision

Are you an employer looking for an external group supervisor to provide skilled and qualified support and debriefing for your staff who work with people at the coalface of trauma?  Skilled and supportive group supervision by an external qualified supervisor can provide a place for recovery and growth for staff. I am an Accredited Supervisor with training in secondary trauma and burn out recovery in professionals

Circle of Security Parenting Program

Are you interested in improving your capacity to reflect on your parenting/grandparenting or relationship challenges. I am a trained COS facilitator and have worked with parents in hospitals, cancer services, disability services, inter country adoption and also early intervention programs. I personally experience the challenges of parenting and grand parenting.  I can run an 8 session x 90 minute Circle of Security-P Program for you. Cost: negotiable but approximately $25 per session per person. Groups of ten preferable. If you organise a group I will travel to you.

Chronic illness and medical trauma

I provide experienced counselling for  the impact of cancer and other chronic disease diagnosis, treatment and cancer bereavement. Medically related trauma is now acknowledged as are high levels of distress related to cancer diagnosis or treatment. Informed  and targeted individual, couple or family counselling can make a difference. $100 for a 60 minute counselling appointment. Some Private Health Insurance Extras Rebate available


My Story

Experienced  Counsellor and Supervisor

I have been working in health, wellbeing, counselling  and adult education for many years in rural and city locations. My qualifications are  Master of Adult Education, Master of Counselling (Clinical), Grad Dip In Counselling( Marriage and Family), Bachelor of Nursing

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